hook - Mustad 94840 #10
thread - UTC 140 hopper yellow
hackle- elk hair (spun)
body - tying thread

One of the good things about coming home is being able to thumb through the library. Found this Al Troth cranefly imitation in my copy of Flies of the Northwest; one more fly to try out next summer

Part 1

mash barb, attach thread at back of hook and finish at hook point

clean and stack a clump of elk hair

measure for length (hook shank), trim butts and lay on top of hook

2 soft loops, pull firmly

and allow elk hair to spin around hook shank

take a couple loose wraps of thread in front and push back with your fingernails, forcing the hackle to stand up

gather hackle back, add a few more wraps in front, then wrap forward to 80% mark, covering hook shank