Well, I finally got around to trying to do some wraps on an old South Bend rod that I got the reel seat off of, thanks to people here. Some of you may remember in Field and Stream about 50 years ago a mousetrap based rod winder. My cousin's husband made one for himself and since I gave him the plans, one for me. I used it to "modify" some boat rods into spinning rods 49 years ago. Well, I took it out and did some practice today. After I replaced the mouse trap tensioner, I actually got some fairly neat wraps. Now, to clear enough space to stretch out! The unit will probably do what I need/want. I'm going to just rewrap the old guides this round to get the practice. Oh, I used one of the GUM threaders for teeth. I use them to thread bobbins and figured give it a try. Worked great! The wrap stayed in place and with a little more practice will get better! All this work for a cheap, old rod. But, I will have rewrapped and re seated it.
I'll post some pics as I get some done.
Thanks to all for the inspiration.