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Thread: MISSED THE TURN (from the archives) - Ladyfisher - Oct 21, 2013

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    Default MISSED THE TURN (from the archives) - Ladyfisher - Oct 21, 2013

    MISSED THE TURN (from the archives)
    There must have been a fork in the road I didn't take. Either that or I missed something. At any rate, I'm having difficulty figuring out what happened.
    My husband says it's because we were raised during the "war" years. That is the second world war, not Vietnam. Times were different then. We had shortages of almost everything in America. Still, we were very grateful they were not fighting the war here.
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    Here hear!!!
    I may or may not wax my rods. However, I DO accept that is is MY responsibility to care for stuff and it is MY responsibility to rectify MY do do's.
    Being RESPONSIBLE for one's self is soooooo lacking now days.
    Hope you's guys are doing well.....
    ....lee s.
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    What a great article! Maybe I relate to because nearly all my rods are ones I built myself. They are kept in rod socks that I've sewn, in a hodge podge of tubes that I've found. If I break one of mine, no one will send me a new one and I can't even send it off to be repaired by the manufacturer. Now I'll jinx myself here, but so far I have not broken a rod (but I did have to repair one). I'd like to think that it is because I take care of them. Thanks for writing this.

    And I don't buy extended warranties either.
    A right emblem it may be, of the uncertain things of this world; that when men have sold them selves for them, they vanish into smoke. ~ William Bradford
    I finally realized that Life is a metaphor for Fly Fishing.

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