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Thread: BIG FISH FEVER - Neil - Oct 21, 2013

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    Default BIG FISH FEVER - Neil - Oct 21, 2013

    I think the urge to catch a truly big fish is something that has crossed the mind of every person that has ever gone fishing. I always presumed that it was part of the process of becoming an angler. First we just want to catch a fish, and then we want to catch as many fish as possible, then we want to catch a big fish, then lots of big fish and finally we just want to go fishing. There was always the angler that got stuck in one of those phases, but generally most anglers moved on from one phase to another until they arrived at the realization that just fishing is really the most enjoyable part.

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    Absolutely brilliant article Neil. Happily, I have got to the stage where 'just fishing' is all it takes. In South Africa, we sadly have the same phenomenon where so called sportsman, have to try and catch (and keep) as many fish as possible. Creates havoc with our indigenous Yellowfish

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