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Thread: What Casts Like An Oni Rod But Costs And Weighs A Fraction As Much?

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    I tend to agree with GregM in that the breakage in the lower rod sections at the joints of Den's Air Stage rod was probably due to some kind of undetected manufacturing defect inherent in the rod itself, more likely than do to too strong of a tippet Lb. test rating being used.
    Just to clarify, in my post above I said -
    "Breaks in the lower sections are harder to understand. Assuming the tippet is appropriate, and you are fighting fish with the first three sections straightened out, breaks would seem to be a result of manufacturing anomalies."

    I believe using "inappropriate tippet", i.e over-rated for the rod, can certainly lead to failure in the lower sections, independent of any manufactuing or design issues.
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