Denovich, thank you for the update. That's the kind of information that can really help someone who is trying to make a rod buying decision. I do have a few questions though, like what size line you like the best on your Air Stage 390? Have you cast it with level or tapered FC lines? Have you tried any furled lines on your 390? What line length do you prefer to use - short or long line type techniques? Are you fishing dry or wet flies? If wet, are they mostly weighted or unweighted flies? I am just trying to get a feeling for the way you prefer to fish and how that might have figured into your rod buying choices. Did you let the Suikei (soft) go as a favor to your uncle or because you were not all that fond of that rod? Thank you in advance should you go to the trouble to answer any or all of my questions.

On the matter of cork VS corkless rod grips, for what this is worth, I have some of each and I prefer the corkless grip rods for the lighter weight and added sensitivity you get from having your hand directly on the rod blank. But to each his own.