Damn. I spent too long working on a reply... it was cast into the void when my session was redirected to the login.

Anyway: I have a Kitoyaki 27, a Nissin SP 450, and a Diawa 43MF. My uncle bought my Suikei (soft). That left me with a gap in my range... right in the heart of the tenkara spectrum. Since I most often fish streams that are a bit wider/slower than traditional tenkara streams, I was looking for something with some reach... but not as tip-heavy/wobbly as the SP 450, but lighter and with a bit more finesse than the Diawa 43MF. The Zerosum 360 or 400 in 7:3 or the Pro Spec 2-way were near the top of my list... but I think I like the Seiryu/Keiryu corkless grips (I've only ever cast rods I've purchased, so I can't say for certain that I prefer corkless, but I can make a rational case for them.) I'd been pouring over the selection at plat.co.jp, and it was good timing when Tenkarabum announced availability for the Air Stage 390.

I knew from the first cast... actually I knew before I even put a line on it that this would be my go-to/favorite fishing rod. It feels so light, yet crisp. My first cast in the driveway confirmed my initial impressions. It was on target. I went from trying to hit a dinner plate, to aiming for the center of the dinner plate. The rod is not tip heavy. The casting stroke is very precise and controlled. It's just right. Oh, and it's rather pretty too.

Oh, it cast a size 8 BH wooly bugger quite well. And I mean it really cast/propelled it... it didn't simply chuck or lob it out there.

If you have any specific questions ask. I'm keen to try casting some longer/different lines on it and see how it does, but I have no reason to doubt that it will excel.