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    If you are the kind of angler who delights in fishing the smallest of streams that trace out the thinnest of blue lines on topographic maps, then T-Bum's selection of Headwaters Rods may be right down your alley. These are all super light weight rods, relatively short in length for the small waters they are designed to be used on, with both cork and cork-less grips (choose the type you like the best), in 6:4 and 7:3 actions primarily, because these rods are designed for forming the tight line loops needed for threading your casts through, under, and around the tight folage and into the winds found along these small streams, and the pin point accuracy needed for hitting those tiny pockets and plunge pools these beautiful little creeks provide in abundance. In spite of the relatively fast action ratings, these rods are all quite supple because they are designed for catching the smallest of headwaters trout - those georgious little fish that usually come in at well under 12 inches rather than over that mark or in pounds, but still have enough backbone to handle larger fish that occassionally come along. So if any of this sounds at all attractive to you in any way, or you would just like to fish streams that most of the other anglers out there choose to avoid, take a long and hard look at the following rods. I believe you can find something in this selection that will be pleasing to both you and the fish:
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