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    Default Definition of a Variant Fly

    On a different thread, there was some discussion of the term "variant" as applied to fly tying.

    I am reading an old book by Jim Quick, called "Trout Fishing and Trout Flies", published in 1957.

    In it, Mr. Quick describes a "Variant" this way: "The variant is constructed, generally speaking, with longer, heavier than usual tails and one of its two hackles up to two sizes larger or even longer. The second hackle is generally the normally correct size for the fly. Hackles, too, are usually of two different shades or kinds."

    This is similar to LadyFisher's explanation in the a Fly of the Week section.

    He also writes of "semi-variants" and says: "Flies tied in this fashion are excellent floaters and excellent fish attractors". It was interesting to note his use of the term "fish attractors"..............

    So, I had to sit down and immediately tie this "Variant".

    Of course, if you ask a hackle raiser what a "variant" he will say it is a feather slightly off-color to the general color of the neck or saddle.
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