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    I had the pleasure of spending Saturday with two great guys and well known members of FAOL, gentleman Jack Hise and the trout whisper, WarrenP. We were also lucky to run into Popperfly (Kevin) at the river. Jack let me campout in his abode and cooks a mighty good breakfast. I discreetly picked up a few tips on being more colorful from Jack. What a couple of great guys.

    The fishing was also pretty darn good as far as I'm concerned, I was able to catch a few Brookies, the first I had ever seen much less caught and also the best Rainbow I had caught a good while, at least all years since these were my first trout of the year.

    In addition, Jack directed me to some of my favorite food, BBQ. The River Cafe at Normandy has about the best ribs outside of Memphis. Two ribs left no room for the Whiskey Bread Pudding by George (DIckel), maybe next time. Maybe Warren will add a fish photo or two, I download this from Jack's camera, I labeled this one Motley Crew.

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