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Just for your information....If you plan to shoot 22 rimfire, you might want to check your local stores for ammo before hand. I love to shoot 22 rimfire and use to shoot 200 to 300 rounds per week at the local range, but, have not done any shooting this year because there is no 22 rimfire ammo to be found. All stores like Wally World, etc., have had empty shelves around here since January and no one knows when we will ever be able to purchase any!
A few years ago I started stockpiling 22 bulk packs of Federal and Remington when they were still around $10 / 550 rounds. Still have about 10K rounds so my 22 shooting hasn't slowed down too much. From what I've seen, we will SLOWLY start to see it becoming available again soon but plan for the regular price to be $25-$30 for a box of 550. Nobody seems to know where all the billions of rounds of 22 ammo the ammo companies are supposedly producing, are going. Like Warren's area, here 22 ammo has been next to completely gone in the retail shops since January. I have seen 550rd bulk packs of Federal being sold for $100. I was tempted to sell some of mine but decided I wouldn't stoop to the level of the subhumans who brought this upon us. Looks like it might be on the way to recovering. Maybe.