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    Happy Oct you all. Lets do flies with autumn colors. I am making a new thread because I couldnt edit the one that was previously made. In lieu of the govt shut down are any of you furloughed, military vets or currently serving. If so let me know any extras will go to you all, if your a member of congress tie triple the number of flies (kidding). Thanks for the awesome experiences I have had in the swap, and thanks for letting me join the swap.

    Here's the roster, as near as I can figure it.

    1. Bob9 - Ishigaki KebariRecieved Returned 11/12
    2. gmac209 -
    The Carrot Nymph Recieved Returned 11/12
    3. Captain Mortis- wooly bugger Recieved Returned 11/12
    4. Rick Z - woven fly Recieved Returned 11/12
    5. Icemanxxxv - blind squirrelRecieved Returned 11/12
    6. billhouk -Recieved Returned 11/12
    7. Gigmaster - Clouser Rusticus Recieved Returned 11/12
    8. jwb1977 -
    9 crickwalker Recieved Returned 11/12

    Address :
    james burleson
    211 Fraizer creek
    silva mo 63964
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