For a lot of us achieving a good balance of work and fun requires some planning and thought. I have been fortunate to have work assignments with people and in places where good fishing frequently coincided with the work. In 1994 when I left Holiday Inn's corporate risk management department one of my great regrets was the GM of the Crowne Plaza in Santiago Chile had promised to take me salmon fishing on my next trip down. Next week, if all goes well, I hope to fish with Jack Hise and WarrenP to wrap up a sales trip.

For most of us making money is a combination of a little luck, preparation and work. It seems most of the people I know who have been very successful had more were lucky because them spent a lot of time on preparation and work. Then there is being smart with your money, I saw an article that said most NFL players were bankrupt 2 years after they quit playing and the average age at time of death was 55.