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Thread: 2013/2014 Beginner's Only Fly Swaps

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    Default 2013/2014 Beginner's Only Fly Swaps

    This is the advance notice for my Beginner's Only Fly Swaps (November "Soft Hackle"), January "Nymph"), February ("Dry Fly"), March ("Streamer"), April ("Terrestrial")...

    These five swap are for those who are new to fly tying, and those who have not participated in Fly Swaps on FAOL...

    Each months swap starts on the first day of the month, and submitted fly patterns need to be on my desktop before the last of the month...

    Ten (10) positions are available for these 5 monthly swaps...

    I supply each member of the group with the a "FAOL Fly Pattern CD", Whitman Sampler Box with their name and mailing address for the twelve flies required for each month swap...

    Cardstock Sheet of the Member's "Numbered Toe Tags" on the curve of the hook of each fly...

    12 preaddressed 6" x9" mailing envelopes (six are for mailing in to the swap, other six are for the return boxes of sorted fly pattern from the ten members of the Beginner's Only Fly Swap...

    As Swapmeister, I will at the end of each of the five swaps be attaching the Photo of the Fly Pattern, who dressed material listing of the material use to create the fly pattern and photo to each member of the swap... I attach each months fly swap sheet to each member of the swap...each member has a complete 8-1/2 x 11" format of their fly pattern submitted..

    I have been hosting these swaps for a long time on FAOL, and many former members of Beginner's Only are now Swapmeisters of FAOL...

    To join the Beginner's Only Fly Swap,
    I will need you to email me at my email address
    I will need your home phone number is I have to contact you
    My home phone number is (651) 777-4650

    Steven H. McGarthwaite (aka: Parnelli)
    Chartered Member of "Friends of FAOL"
    Member of FAOL since October 1997

    PS: Members of previous "Beginner's Only Fly Swaps", can post on this article, to tell this years class of their experience in the previous Beginner's Only Swaps...
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