Well, I had read a few posts about these upgrade programs on here and I had sent out some notes on upgrading a couple of my rods.
I ended up using the Fishwest program, and I must say THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME!!

I traded in a couple of rods that I did not like for a new SAGE ONE 10" 6 weight, and that rod is absolutely incredible.
Talk about shooting some line and distance and well made. This is my first time owning a high end rod like this, I have
several medium range rods, but this one is a real prize.

I also bought a new Lamson Velocity to go with it, again this is my first Lamson, but after trying one out, I knew that the
it would balance well on the rod and it does just fantastic. Had a new RIO gold put on it as well, as I am a big RIO fan.

If you use Fishwest, you will not be disappointed.
I could not be happier with how they treated me.