Hi Guys, I am just back from a six week holiday in the UK and Italy, fantastic weather, caught up with all the family and friends and had a blast!
I did manage one days fishing, thanks to a very kind offer from a member of another fishing forum of a days fishing on the chalk streams controlled by the Salisbury angling club. Mark took me to the Wylie and we parked next to a pub (if thats not a good omen I don't know what is!) We made our way to the stream across some fields and water meadows and it was a truly stunning setting. Within a few minutes Mark spotted a god fish and put me in the spot, thankfully I did not fluff my lines and managed to hook my first ever English Chalk Stream Trout, woohoo!

Which lead to this

A life-long dream fulfilled! and I managed another slightly smaller fish soon after. We saw some big Grayling and I would love to report getting one but they where too good for me! So we retired to the pub for lunch and then on to the Avon river for some more fishing, I managed to get at least a dozen small grayling to rise to my dry fly but I just could not hook any, Mark managed a few so I at least got a look at these lovely fish.
It was a fantastic day and I will treasure it for the rest of my life.
here are some pics from the river.
The Wylie

The Avon

All the best.