Hello FAOL family. I've put this off for a few days because I thought everything was going to work out. (My denial). I talked to my daughter this past weekend. She is in a hospital in Austin, Texas. She went to ER for what she thought was pancreatitis. That is something she was treated for in February in Lubbock, Texas. They ran some tests and discovered a mass on her pancreas. Further tests show the tumor has matastisized to the liver. More tests show 20 lesions on the liver and the tumor totally envelopes the pancreas. Then came the biopsy. It is malignant. The DR is saying maybe 6 months. She will be leaving the hospital with hospice as surgery is out of the question. I am flying out today with my youngest daughter to go help. My daughter's name is Rene Miner, she is 46 years old and very scared. Please pray for her and our family. If you have a church prayer chain I would appreciate you putting her on it. Thank you. Jim