I have recently expressed an interest in building my own rods, as it may be an excellent way to pass time during the winter, make a little money and build an army of five weight rods of different specificaitons. I have read Al Campbell's article on graphite rod building but find myself wondering more and more about my personal capabilites at rod building. I do not have alot of money at my disposal, however i am willing to learn properly how to make rods. I have some questions that i hope can be answered by FAOL.

1. What is a cheap rod blank that will serve as a good learning tool but will hold up as my first ever built rod??
2. What machinary is required and at what ballpark are we looking at
3. Same for tools and pieces (seet, cork, blank, guide loops, glue, thread etc)
4. To buy everything i would need to make a good rod what is a good ballpark???

Many thanks