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    Yesterday I met a buddy at a local sporting goods store. On the way into the parking lot my lane was mostly blocked by a woman that should have stayed behind a stop sign... I shrugged my shoulders at her with a head shake and a probable look of disgust. I decided I could get around her and did.

    I parked and headed into the store only to find my way blocked by this middle-aged tornado, literally blowing spittle from the corners of her mouth and she was HOT at me!

    She started wagging a finger at me and demanding to know why I had not ceded the right-of-way (she was there first by her logic) to a lady...

    "Well Ma'am, I didn't see one."

    That did not help her and she went off on another tangent and I just stood there watching her go off... everything from tears, to more finger wagging, to wild incoherent ranting...

    Finally I looked down at her and quietly asked "Do you always talk like this to serial killers?"

    I maintained eye contact while her tirade continued for a few seconds until the light bulb went on... She didn't really shut up but started backing up with very wide eyes and got out of the way and left the instant I passed her...

    I am still laughing... I think she needs to have her meds managed a little finer...
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