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Thread: Deep Dark

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    Default Deep Dark

    Fished with Floren Goestch this morning.

    My wife says I can not go way back in boonies anymore alone with the way my back and knee is.

    Floren land about 18 browns and me about 15.

    Lost a really nice brown above tight to the left bank.

    Lost my biggest trout of the year in the mess above.

    Will have to give my back and knee a rest if I am going to get out again this year.
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    "Lost my biggest trout of the year in the mess above. "

    Yup it is funny how the big Browns love the messiest spots on the stream.

    I think they scout the log jams for the best sticks to break off any angler that has the audacity to tempt them with an artificial morsel.

    Great looking stream.

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