I believe the TFO rods are kind of a training wheels bridge the gap step between western fly rods and real fixed line fly rods - something with a stiff enough tip to feel familiar to western fly fishermen and be capable of casting the lightest weight PVC coated 000 fly lines and 0.024 inch diameter, 20 Lb. test, running line. I am sure there are a lot of western fly fishermen out there who are interested enough in Tenkara fly fishing to want to give it a try, but are reluctant to make a complete leap away from what they are familiar with all the way into Tenkara tackle 100%, which would involve giving up indicator/weighted nymph fishing to a large degree as they know it. In that respect the TFO rods may actually be doing Tenkara style fly fishing a service by introducing western anglers to a watered down version of Tenkara fly fishing, which may cause said anglers to look into the sport a little more seriously in the future once they experience some fishing success. And when they see that they can get real good quality fixed line rods for considerably less than they have spent on the TFO Tenkara rods, I believe they will be encouraged to try and buy more genuine Tenkara style fixed line rods and give them an honest try. And once they try them, I believe they will be hooked on Tenkara fly fishing for good.