My wife always tells me that I observe too much, but, it is just something I do and now I have observed something that I need someone "in the know" to explain and educate me on fly tying hooks.

Fly tying hooks can be TDE (turn downed eye), TUE (turn up eye) or straight shank. Most of the straight shank eye hooks are streamer hooks of some sort which I understand the purpose, but, when I look at the rest of the hooks they offer, I find that 95% or more of their hooks are TDE hooks and very few TUE hooks. It does not seem to matter if the hook is for dry flies or wet flies. Most of them are TDE. There had to be a reason for making TUE hooks and I would like to know what that was. As I look at different vendor's hooks, I notice they offer maybe 15 to 19 different hooks and out of that number there may only be 4 or 5 that have the TUE. I did notice that when you look at saltwater hooks, there are more either straight eye or TUE hooks then TDE hooks.

Just curious and nothing more and I feel someone here is in the "know" and can educate me on this.

Thanks in advance....