As Allan said, there are lot's of reasons for the different configurations of eyes on hooks. (I think he left out tapered eye.)

I think that much of the preference for TDE is the ease with which a right handed tyer can trim, say, the wings on a winged wet. TDE, he just lays the the scissors more or less along the eye and snips. It's a lot harder to trim something on top of the hook with a TUE. Also, some people believe that a TUE has a tendency to pull the hook out of a fish's mouth, a TDE in. (I don't think this has been proven one way or the other.)

On smaller hooks, TUE or straight (aka "ring") eyes don't get in the way of hooking a fish.

The Turle knot, now seldom used, only works on TDE or TUE eyes, not on ring loops. Even if the Turle knot isn't widely used anymore, it was at one time, and tradition still counts in fly fishing.

Now, let's talk about bends ... is Limerick better than Sproat?