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Thread: DRAGON tail Tenkara Rod Review

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    Default DRAGON tail Tenkara Rod Review

    DRAGONtail's new entry into the Tenkara market might not be for everyone. The price is surly reasonable enough, and the cosmetics and design seem to be all that they should be. This rod should be durable and heavy enough to satisfy nearly everyone but the casting qualities may also be a bit much for some people. Here is the review: http://tetontenkara.blogspot.com/201...od-review.html
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    This latest of many new fixed-line "sourced" offerings looks intriguing and I am sure it has good practical applications - however I would really encourage a beginner to buy one of the Shimotsuke "Brother" series from Chris Stewart. For the extra cost equivalent to a good pizza they will own a Tenkara rod engineered and designed by a long established Japanese company retailed by a proven vendor.

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    Danny I think ypu may be surprised by this company. Although not a premium name brand rod, it is a quality made rod at a superb price. Customer service is outstanding, and very fast. Besides not everyone likes the same kind of pizza.


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    Hi Brandon,
    I am sure it is a good, useable rod and the company may be reputable however it is a new company without the design and expert consultation/resources that Shimotsuke used to develope the Brother series. I am only suggesting that it may also be on the fast side - a great option as an extra special purpose rod - perhaps not the best choice as a first rod for beginners. Maybe it is the best value in a Tenkara rod ever created. I hope it is. To be plain and clear here - you have to understand that, as angling consumers, we are offered a new outsourced Tenkara rod every month. For a few grand just about anyone can have samples sent, tweek a few stock tapers and contract a run of decent rods emblazoned with some kanji logos and a cool name. I can appreciate the low price and that everyone has different tastes. Good luck with your venture.
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    Thank you for sharing Danny. I really was trying to state that every company was new at some point and deserving of a chance to meet, exceed, or fall short of expectations. Thank you for your best wishes.


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