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    chewydog posted:
    It's your business, but I don't think you have quite enough hoops to jump through. Why all the stipulations? Give it to someone deserving and be done with it. If I have to pick a number, why would I have to agree to #4?

    Easy answer - If someone is agreeable to #4, they are deserving of this great offer and, yes, it is Doug's business and he would feel real proud to know that someone deserving got this vise and would be willing to pass it on instead of just posting to give it away and have someone who maybe does not even tie, jump on it and then sell it for some pocket money.

    I wholeheartly agree to the terms put forth because there are just too many people in this world that would "lie" about needing this great vise just so they could put it on the internet to sell and make money. I know they could still do this with the guidelines put forth, but, it is still worth a try. Doug's heart is visible in this offer because he is trying to get this vise into the hands of a new tyer who may not be able to purchase a quality vise at this time. If he just wanted to give it away, he could. He has a desire to further a new tyer's adventure and will feel better if he thought maybe someone would use this vise and pass it on. It is a "roll of the dice" for Doug, but, well worth the try. I am proud of him for doing this. This is the kind of "sharing" that has made FAOL what it is today and why FAOL has lasted all these years.

    Folks, it is not the money that makes some feel good. It is the good feeling someone gets knowing that they have made someone's day by giving them something they needed and wanted and just could not afford. Thank you Doug for helping out a new tyer.
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