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    Friends - in a continuing effort to "give back to fly tying for all that it has given to me" I have a Regal Inex Vise; in like new condition, midge jaws, clamp model, that I'd like to "Pay Forward" to some "Noobie or Want-to-be" fly tier.
    inex.jpgphoto from Regal web site.

    Here are the rules - please read them all:

    1.) If you are a new fly tier or someone looking to get started fly tying (and you are on the honor system here) then pick and post a number 1 to 55, making sure not to pick a number that someone else has already picked in previous posts. If someone does this the first person to have that number will win the vise.

    2.) Tell me why you would like to have the vise and that you agree to rule #4 below. The drawing is limited to the first 55 people responding to this post and posting a number and written response.

    3.) On Monday 9/23/13 at noon I will close the PIF Give-A-Way and I will pick a number and contact the winner via PM. then mail your vise to you on my dime.

    4.) And most important - By posting a number you agree to NEVER sell this vise it must be given to a new fly tier when your done with it who agrees to do the same.... and again you're on the honor system, PIF and Good Luck!

    all the best, Doug.
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    Doug... a.k.a. 55dougie

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