I finally got a Gurgle Pop tied up in a size appropriate for LMBs, a size 2. Decided that with the cloudy weather, and wind shift this morning, that it was time to see if Sahoma had any LMBs that wanted to play.

I got my kayak in the water about 0930. Dropped a minnowbait into the water and trolled that over to where I planned on fishing. Never got a bite. Once I got to the spot, I pulled that in, and started throwing the foam bug around the weedline with my 8wt fly rod. I immediately started getting some hits from sunfish. I wasn?t really surprised, honestly. I managed to snag a small Bluegill there.

As I drifted down the shoreline, I started getting some really violent, but small, strikes on the bug. Then, I finally hooked up with a small LMB.

About 20 minutes later, I hooked up with a larger LMB.

The small fish made a pretty splashy hit on the bug, but the larger fish just barely sipped it down, go figure.

I finally started connecting with the fish that would really hit hard, for their small size. Green Sunfish. And a lot of them.

After a couple hours, I had managed to drift almost completely down that stretch of shoreline, and hit the first cove. About that time, the clouds moved off, the wind picked up, and the bite pretty much died. I rounded the corner into the small cover to escape the wind, and managed to pick up another Bluegill. This was a legitimate hookup, not a snag. How that little fish managed to get the point for a size 2 hook in its mouth is beyond me.

I decided to call it a day and trolled the minnowbait back to the ramp. Again, no takers. Water temp was 79.1?F, which is about 3 ? 4 degrees cooler than last week, according to Tom at the bait shop.