Just curious what everyone else has tried and if I hold the honors this year,so without any ado I will start!
Rods bought:Loomis gl4,Loomis eastfork fr904-3,Loomis gl3 fr904-2 times 2,St Croix legend ultra 764-4,St Croix legend ultra 804-4,St Croix legend ultra 804-2, and a 805-2 legend ultra.Diamondback classic 805-6,Winston 865-3 wt,Winston vapor 804-4, and a Abel super 4n and 3n with spare spool.

Now things I sold, Loomis Gl4,Loomis east fork fr904-3,one of the two Loomis fr904-2 Gl3,St Croix legend ultra 764-4 and 804-4.Broke the St Croix legend ultra 804-2,sold Diamondback classic 805-6,Winston 865-
3,St Croix legend ultra 805-2.Sold the Abel super 4n.

Boy I have run the gauntlet this year and I may sell one more and buy one more before the year ends.Want another 764-2 rod.