I had a great thrill last weekend, and it would never have happened without this site. A few years ago I found FAOL and its been awesome. I'm not able to get online much anymore, but when I do, this is the place for me. But, last weekend I caught my first wild rainbow in the Smoky Mountains on a fly that I tied. I've caught stockers before, but that was my first wild one. I'm sorry no pics, my camera died Still, it was a big deal to me. It was the first time I had even went fishing this year. It's bad when you don't get to go much, but it makes you cherish the trips you get even more. And it never would have happened without this site. I've gotta give a special thanks to Jack and Warren, for teaching me stuff on the stream, and a very special thanks to everyone that keeps this site up and running.

Thanks again,