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Thinking you forgot the link?
My bad, LOL!


My friend and I were fishing a pool on a well known river in the Catskills. We were within 6 feet of each other and as we were on a bank that was about 4 feet higher then the river we could see the trout as they approached our flies. Both of us were using March Brown wets. We had similar equipment. But he was using a fly that had 'standard' dubbing and mine had 'TUPS'. His attracted a few fish but no takes. Mine attracted several fish with takes. I, as you said, held the flies to the light and there was an obvious difference. We switched flies and the same thing happened except it was he who caught a few and I nothing.
As far as smaller flies with this dubbing and using a split thread. I haven't done that, I will, but it just seems that the dubbing may be too spikey or rough for that small a dry fly. Possibly nymphs.

Hey Kid - Sometimes researching this stuff is a good way to kill a few hours in the off-season. Can be fun too. In this case it paid off during the season.