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Thread: Went Back to the Pond ...

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    Default Went Back to the Pond ...

    I have a favorite local pond that's great for bream and bass (L/M). Great place to try out new equipment - fly rods, reels and lines - not to mention some of my fly tying creations (?) and other asorted "things" friends have put together to try out. I have been amazed this season on the sucess I've had with the Tenkara flies (one's I have tied!), they have out fished every creation I have in my rather large "collection".

    My favorite way to fish the pond is using the 12' Radisson canoe/boat where the technique is to fish to the shore line from the center of the pond. On another recent thread I described how I managed to roll that Radisson over right about in the middle of that pond! Good thing it was the warm weather/water season!

    Anyway, last evening I hooked up with a six pound - 24 inch L/M bass (using a Tenkara fly that I tied) and on my favorite 9' 5wt rod. What was so great about it was when that bass hit and then took off on a run, it pulled that radisson canoe/boat along, too! Had a serious fly rod/big fish episode that lasted an honest 15 minutes anyway. Was using a 6 lb mono tippet on the end of the leader and by golly did the job.

    Ain't fly fishing fun!

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    I remember how hard a 24" bass pulls. Its unreal! Well done, you'll have a great memory of that fish!
    David Merical
    Ankeny, Iowa

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    I would think a big bass could really take you for a ride in that lightweight canoe. What does it weight about 35 lbs. I have had catfish pull me around in my doughnut tube and which would have worse drag coefficients than a canoe.
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    I'm a kayaker. We call what you experienced a "sleigh ride". I have yet to hook up with a really big fish while in my kayak. I've had my boat turned around 180 degrees while trolling for White Bass, but never a good, solid, hookup with a big fish.

    Last year a buddy of mine was hardware fishing for Striped Bass in his kayak, and managed to catch a 30 lbs Blue Catfish. He said that thing dragged his kayak around for an hour before he managed to land it.

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