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Thread: AMERICAS TROUT (Town #1) - Readers cast (Tom Deschaine) - Sep 09, 2013

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    Default AMERICAS TROUT (Town #1) - Readers cast (Tom Deschaine) - Sep 09, 2013

    AMERICAS TROUT (Town #1)
    Over my many years of trout fishing I have discovered many unique cities and towns all within just a short distance of some very acclaimed fishing waters. These towns generally provide all the necessary amenities required by fly fisherman to make your fishing experience a truly memorable occasion. Over the next few months I would like to share with you some of my favorite cities and towns I discovered on my fishing adventures.

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    The waters that you meniton in the Redding article may rquire barbless flies, but I haven't heard that all of CA is under that restriciton. Since I always fish w/ barbless flies anyway, I haven't looked specifically for that requirement in the reg's but I doubt that this is true; I could be wrong, though.

    You certainly are right that Redding is a great little town and that there are some spectaculur fishing waters in the area.........................


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    The state is definately not barbless. Many of the better fishing waters are, but not in any way all of them. For example, lower Hat Creek is, but the Upper Creek is not.

    Also, if you like stillwater, Lake Siskiyou and Manzanita Lake are driveable.

    In the Steelhead and Salmon catagory, many people fish them in and right outside of Redding itself on the Sacramento River (Sac)
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