I have not posted anything in quite awhile, but due to recent back surgery, I find I have some time on my hands to do so. Here are some grips that went out to other builders or used on some of my own using carbon fiber or with cf hybrids and either wood or cork accents.
Cf hybrid with burl cork ends..My grips ..Steve Kalb Shoo fly fishing Troy, Mt builder

Carbon fiber ends with natural cork, birch bark and black trim

Carbon fiber zebra wood ends

not best pic but..1. straight Cf and burl ends 2. Brown cf hybid and burl ends 3 straight carbon fiber with natural cork(no finish). I get my cork from Matt best deal around

New style. This uses cf with non dyed fiberglass hybrid sleeve. I can paint the core(in this case gold) and when the epoxy is applied that color shows through where the undyed fiberglass becomes clear. Opens up a lot of possibilities. The ends are rubberized cork.

This shows the same cf and natural cork as before but with matching fighting butt and following pic of butt cap and end plug.

Thanks for looking