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Thread: Little help with history of Western tiers and their shops

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    Default Little help with history of Western tiers and their shops

    I guess it is part oh aging, but I am very interested in the history of early West Yellowstone tiers and shops.

    Here are some "facts" which I have either witnessed or gotten first hand from some of the principals which leads up to my question:

    1. Bob Jacklin's current fly shop was purchased from Pat Barnes.
    2. Don Martinez is said to have owned a one-room fly shop and employed Pat Barnes.
    3. There is, today, a small one-room fly shop operated by a fellow who spends half his year in Patagonia and the other half there in West.
    4. While visiting with the fellow in the little one-room log fly shop (a block north of the Main Street in West), he mentioned that Bob Jacklin owned the place before him.

    So, did Martinez once own that little one-room fly shop; then sold to Jacklin while Pat Barnes opened the bigger shop which is now owned by Jacklin?

    And, I am told that Mike Lawson got his start tying flies for Don Martinez when he had that one-room shop.

    This is a pic of the one-room log style building about a block or more off the main street that I believe Martinez started and Jacklin later owned. That was before he bought Pat Barnes' shop which is where Jacklin's Shop is today.

    Anyone have first-hand knowledge about this?
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