ASF Rivernotes ? A positive salmon picture emerging
ASF RIVERNOTES BLOG has been updated, and as the season comes into autumn, there is a certain optimism for the runs this year. Read more.

ASF?s Research blog has a surprise finding on the migration of an Atlantic salmon with pop-up satellite tag.

Ireland at an Atlantic Salmon Crossroads
A massive salmon farm is being proposed by one branch of the Irish Government that will more than double Ireland?s farmed salmon production, and that has brought a groundswell of opposition that is now coming together as more organizations and individuals realize how important wild salmon and clean waters are to the country. Read more:

The Sea Lice Caper ? One aspect of the opposition to the Galway Bay site was an article published in July that said sea lice had little impact on wild Atlantic salmon. Very quickly other scientists showed the errors in the methodology of the study, and that sea lice, at high levels from aquaculture sites, killed a third of all salmon smolts.

Most recently, the European Anglers Alliance, representing 3 million anglers, has called for control of salmon farming, and a drive towards land-based closed-containment production

Land-based Aquaculture Workshop Breaking New Ground
In West Virginia this week, scientists and aquaculturists from 14 countries have gathered to share the latest advances in land-based aquaculture, and to see what is happening in the new commercial ventures now in operation.

Newfoundlanders Attending Land-based Workshop
The government of Newfoundland has sent a representative from the Aquaculture Development Division to the workshop in West Virginia, a welcome development. Read more: