Uncle Jessee & anyone else wondering if Bob was going to put legs on his bench, here is the answer I got from Bob.

"My tying bench when not in use sits on a 1918 US Army Airplane Tool Chest. The tool chest is a fully restored beautiful piece of furniture which houses much of my tying materials. Because I work from my home office, I have a nice walnut office desk that I work from. When I am ready to tie flys, I can easily transfer the bench to my desk top and the tool chest is now fully accessible. For this reason, I have no immediate intention of putting legs on the bench.

The bench is sturdy enough to put legs on in the future if I decide to do so. If I made another tying bench w/legs, I would not have planed the bench thickness to 1 ? “. For a bench with legs, I would have kept at least 2 - 4” thickness. Of course once you do that it becomes a piece of furniture not easily moved around."