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    Wow! Haven't been here for awhile. Sorry to hear that Winston -- and also Sage -- are having problems in the customer service / warranty areas. I have both and fortunately, I have not had to use their services.
    I also have some less expensive rods and many that I built myself. I prefer those I built myself and the less expensive types.

    I have to wonder if the overall business model of lifetime warranties on these rods makes any sense. And, if there wasn't a lifetime (or close to it) warranty, if rods would cost so much. Heck, why do fly rods cost so much? I was looking at spinning rods/casting rods at a sporting goods store (and I don't use them but just curious) and couldn't find one much more than about $80. Probably the same graphite.

    I was recently fishing in Alaska and used a Temple Forks Switch rod - that I have had for several years and use almost exclusively for salmon and steelhead. The reel seat came loose along with some of the cork in the handle. I've probably caught several hundred salmon and steelhead with this rod. The torque and twist forces that a rod undergoes when landing a fish must be tremendous. Anyway, when I returned from the trip, I called Temple Forks, told them what happened - and they told me to send it to them and they would repair it (or replace it). They even waived the repair fee. The rod has not come back yet; however, if it ends well, I couldn't expect anymore or be any more satisfied with the service.
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