On that particular day I used a different rod just because I had not used it in awhile. When I set the hook the rod bent further down than the rod I had been using and I immediately thought that this rod was not a stiff as the one I had been using for awhile. When it made the first run, I got a look at it and said, "OMG"! Nothing wrong with the rod, just a much larger fish than I was use to catching in this area! I have to admit that I had a lot of fun fishing the dry fly that day and in days following. Yesterday, I had some disabled vets with me on the river and I caught a few fish on a flymph and then decided to tie on the dry and see what happens and ended up catching 3 more fish on the dry. I will always be a sub-surface fisherman, but, I now know that I can catch fish on the surface when the conditions call for it and dry fly fishing is fun.