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Thread: WRONG-HEADED - Neil - Aug 26, 2013

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    Default WRONG-HEADED - Neil - Aug 26, 2013

    When I was a kid growing up on my parent's farm in upstate New York I heard some of the old timers talking about wrongheaded decisions. The idea was that the decision was foolish and unwise. Over the years I have made my share of wrongheaded decisions and I have certainly witnessed many others that have made similar mistakes. Recently the fisheries folks at Yellowstone National Park made just such a decision involving the management of salmonoids. Before you decry my conclusions I urge you to look at the facts.

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    Wrong-headed is a very polite description. I commend you for your choice of words, since it is much more kind than the words that I would apply. In my experience, they are taking a page out of the Washington State Fish & Game management playbook. The Olympic Mt Goat, and Alpine lakes trout just to name a couple.


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    its crazy in my opinion, you can't turn back time.

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    Yep - here we go.... Let the games begin! It's started with the no limited on non-native species and the poisoning of Grayling Creek.

    Neil - an excellent article, and I could not agree more with you. This whole effort is troubling for "our" YNP not to mention the cost. I hope these folks know what they are doing.

    I believe the NPS efforts to "remove" all non-native fish in the park is just the first step. Once well underway they will move to eventually "eliminate" the "harassing" of fish (wildlife) in the park by anglers.

    The management of the park for the "enjoyment of the people" will be an ongoing struggle for anglers for the foreseeable future, IMHO.
    Doug... a.k.a. 55dougie


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    Probably right, dr korn. Guadalupe National Park has the only native trout stream in Texas. It is illegal to fish there.


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