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    Howdy! I would like to do something different for the September SOTM. We will do fly patterns with unconventional materials. Use as many materials as possible. Some materials out there include - aluminum cans, plastic bags, sequins, plastic net bags from produce, rubber bands, mylar from snack packaging, etc. Anything goes - have fun.
    I will do a Metal Flutter Fly from an aluminum can.

    September Tyers List

    1. Bob9 - Metal Flutter Fly - Finished
    2. gmac209 - Dorito Bag Buzzer - Received - Fly Set Delivered
    3. Captain Mortis - Igor Soft Hackle Nymph - Received - Fly Set Delivered
    4. Rick Z - Ribbon Fibers & Foil Candy Wrapper Fly - Received - Fly Set Delivered
    5. Icemanxxxv - Balloon Bug - Received - Fly Set Delivered
    6. billhouk - Christmas Tinsel Czech Nymph - Received - Fly Set Delivered
    7. Gigmaster - Spiderific - Received - Fly Set Delivered
    8. jwb1977 - Lint Dubbed Fly - Received - Fly Set Received

    All flies have been received and mailed (10/15/13).
    All flies have been received. The September SOTM is now closed (10/23/13).

    Bob9 - September Swapmeister
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