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    I've been experimenting with Gorilla Glue. I think I have decided on a black spider variation. I have a modification on it that makes it look awesome, and it floats like there is no tomorrow. I think that, other than the legs, it is just about indestructible. I haven't seen anything exactly like it on the net, or YouTube, so unless someone has done this before, I am christening it, the Spiderific.


    Hook: #12 2X Dry Fly
    Thread: black 6/0 Unithread
    Body and Thorax: Gorilla Glue coated with gloss black Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails.
    Legs: Medium chartreuse rubber legs.

    Here's another pattern I have been playing with. I call it the GG (Gorilla Glue) Lil Froggie.

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