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Thread: Any experience with these?

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    Default Any experience with these?

    Anybody have any experience with these reels?


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    Wow; $23 + free shipping! Might be worth that to find out...
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    You can find that exact same reel on the big auction site for $19.07 w/free shipping.
    I have no experience with them.

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    Its a mid arbor not a real large arbor. not bad otherwise. made in china as is all the reels today.
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    It looks a lot like a reel I got from BPS a couple of years back with the exception of the size and the color, mine is black. I don't remember catching anything using it to test the drag but over all I'm pretty happy with mine, the drag is a little too easy to go from tight to loose.
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    It is a reel made for trout or pan fish fishing, not for huge saltwater fish or monster carp or pike, etc. A trout reels main function is to hold line. Very seldom do most trout really get the line flying off the reel. The drags are mainly there to prevent free spooling. The few times you do run into a trout that is big enough to actually take line off the reel then the drag system on this reel should handle it. Again the main function is simply to hold line.

    However, if you do fish a type of fish that often gets the line flying off the reel, then seriously consider buying a more expensive reel with a really good disc drag that can take the punishment. That reel will cost at least 4 times and up to 8 times what this reel does.

    So, what is your style of fishing and what fish are you going to target? Buy accordingly.

    Then, get out there and do some fishing.

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    Yeah. I own two. Go to aliexpress where you can get the same reel for almost half that price. I've seen them with a 100% mark up on ebay. If it says silent retrieve, one way bearing, it's probably from that site.

    I use one on my two weight for small bass and panfish. The reel works. And it's cheap.

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