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Thread: What did you mean by that?

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    Default What did you mean by that?

    I have seen a quote by Left Kreh stating "There's more BS in flyfishing than a Kansas City feedlot," and I agree. As a native of a place where the only hatch you could count on was mosquitos and boll weevils and idea of buying a chicken for its feathers were pretty foreign to most people, it has taken me a little while learn the meaning of most of the terms I see and hear, from fly fishermen and tyers. I think this discourages a lot of potential future flyfishermen & ladies and fly tyers.

    I checked, there is a glossary of fishing terms in the archives, but they do not explain many, if any of the terms frequently used by fly fishermen and tyers. I think it would be useful to compile a glossary of terms and leave it as a sticky for ready reference to our members and passers-by.
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    Not much different than any other style or type of fishing, whether it be bass (green carp) or crappie fishing. Lots of different ways to fish for both, then throw in the fly rod, and here we go again. But then again, life is full of BS, so why not fishing. LOL

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    For fly tying you can go to the homepage and "click" on Fly Tying and then "click" on Tying Terms. There you will find everything you wanted to know about fly tying and the words used and what they mean.

    For fly fishing you can go to the homepage and "click" on Flyfishing Basics and then "click" on Flyfishing 101.

    Lots of good material in both of these and all brought to you by FAOL. The best site going for fly fishing and tying.

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