Fished the Elk River today and had a great time fishing a Black Ghost streamer. The Browns seemed to really like it and I ended up catching and releasing 21 of them. All were the usual size from 9" to 12" and had one that went 14". I had the whole section to myself. Wonderful day...

Here are a few pictures with the first one being the largest fish:

Question for those who fish the Black Ghost streamer - What do you prefer to use for the wing? I have tried deer hair, marabou and a white hackle feather and have caught fish on all of them, but, they all seem to have the same problem at times and that is the wing material wrapping around the hook. Is there a better material or am I tying them wrong? I just now tied some using white ostrich for the wing and hoping, since it is a little stiffer, that it will not wrap as often. It is not a big problem, but, annoying.