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Thread: Here Is TenkaraBum's Take On The Oni Rod

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    It is an interesting rod, and it will be interesting to see how close I can come to recreating it with more readily available off-the-shelf rods as starting points. Having the rod, however briefly, has provided the starting point for what will be at least one article on Light Line Tenkara.

    What I find interesting is that to me the light line is really central to tenkara fishing, the lighter the better, subject to wind or wind resistant flies. Light lines cast best on soft rods, yet most people in the US seem to prefer stiffer rods and heavier lines. From my experience, 7:3 rods outsell 6:4 rods, and size 4 lines outsell size 3 lines. I know that people have pestered TUSA to come out with a stiffer Ito and a stiffer Ayu (to date they've resisted the call for a stiffer Ito and the stiffer Ayu was a bust - already discontinued).

    Perhaps it is a belief that stiffer rods better handle larger fish (certainly larger than tenkara anglers catch in Japan) and perhaps that the stiffer rods and heavier lines feel more like the fly rods and fly lines that most tenkara anglers are used to. The Japanese, on the other hand, do seem to be moving to softer rods. This year's Shimano Tenkara 34-38ZL is much softer than the previous Shimano rods, and the current Oni rod is softer than the rod I remember from 2010 - although that was long, long ago and far, far away, and memories that fall into that category are suspect. The new flagship Nissin rods, the Zerosums are wonderfully light, soft rods. Perhaps as the market here matures, people will move more to softer rods and lighter lines. I hope so.
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