You ain't kiddin. I always keep crawfish traps out and I always have a few pounds in the freezer. For the uninitiated, crawfish can be treated exactly like shrimp, and used as a substitute (better, in my opinion...) in any shrimp recipe. And, they are also killer catfish, SM bass, LG bass, and big bluegill live (or dead) bait.

Try putting some un-shelled crawfish tails on skewers, throw them on a grill or in the oven at 350 degrees, and baste them with some garlic butter, salt and pepper (go easy on the salt...crawfish are naturally a little bit saltier flavored than shrimp...). You'll never go back to Shrimp Scampi again. Another good use is to boil them (un-shelled tails, of course) until they just turn pinkish, throw them in a pot of Alfredo Sauce, simmer for 5 minutes, and serve over your favorite pasta (I use linguini most of the time).

I could write a whole cookbook just on crawfish (carp, too...).

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I did a google search, one article referred to them as Northern Crayfish, the other Louisiana red swamp crawfish. There's a potential growth industry, crawfish traps and Zatrains Crawfish Boil seasoning.