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Thread: How to keep small tippet loop-to-loop connections from locking?

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    Default How to keep small tippet loop-to-loop connections from locking?

    I just read Tandem Flies. Charlie Meck suggests attaching dropper flies by using a loop-to-loop connection. (The fly is looped directly on to, and close to, the leader.) However, when I tried to take the flies off, the loops seem to lock. Is there anyway to prevent this from happening? I'm even thinking of adding petroleum jelly on the loops.

    I also had this problem several years ago when I put loops on flies to pre-rig them, and then attach them to a loop at the very end of the leader.



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    I just pick the loops apart with the point of a hook.

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    How you lace up the loop to loop knot makes a difference. You first slip the first loop into the second loop, then thread the tag end thru the first loop and pull tight. That way the complete knot looks like a square knot in profile, square knots are fairly easy to untie if you push on them just right.

    The wrong way is to pass the tag end thru its self, this makes a sheeps head knot that is hard to undo.

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    Thanks, though I'm still a bit confused. By tag end I assume you mean the shorter piece of mono or flouro. By first loop you mean the loop on the leader?

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    When using a loop to loop connection just remember that you never put any (tag) ends through it's own loop.

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