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Thread: World Record Snakehead in Virginia - NOT FLY RELATED

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    Yes I read this. It seems they like that trib of the Potomac. An interesting story about exotic species. The fish was supposedly introduced by someone who bought a couple Snakeheads for food, decided not to eat them, and dumped it in a small pond near his residence. From there they made their way to the Potomac. It was originally feared they would decimate the largemouth population, but so far that has not been shown to be the case. They are theoretically limited in their range by the brackish/salt water to the south near the Chesapeake Bay, and to the north by the fall line. What is most interesting to me is 1. What a great eating fish they are, 2. What a great game fish they are, 3. How fast they grow, and 4. How they like topwater lures. They have developed quite a following in some circles, and I fear some well intentioned "sportsman" will introduce them into other bodies of water, esp lakes in the area. There is no reason this could not become fly related - take an 8wt and a popper. I understand the Aquia Creek is accessible and navigable by canoe or kayak. I have toyed with the idea of taking the 3 to 4 hour drive and give them a shot, but I haven't yet. This forum has a lot of info on them and other topics, you may have to join to access the site, I am not sure.
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