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Thread: LAST TRIP 2012 - Panfish - Aug 12, 2013

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    Default LAST TRIP 2012 - Panfish - Aug 12, 2013

    LAST TRIP 2012
    It was a day off and a good time to head to the pond. The weather was still decent and no ice covering the water. I had a pattern that I tied up after seeing Dr. Korn's post on tying in caddis wings. I adapted it a little to try it on some flies as it looked to be a good way to add wings to a fly.
    I had two rods with me, both 5 weights, a graphite and a bamboo. I walked into the pond, tied the new flies on both rods and started casting. As the water had cooled down it was taking some time to find where the fish were.
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