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Thread: FIRST TWO TRIPS OF 2013 - Panfish - Aug 12 2013

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    Default FIRST TWO TRIPS OF 2013 - Panfish - Aug 12 2013

    Very easy to sum up the first time I went out this spring. I enjoyed lots of casting practice and no fish. This was just after the ice melted off part of the pond. About 80% of the pond was still covered with ice, but I wanted to be out.
    Second time I took a friend out who is in the early stages of Alzheimer's. If I take him out fishing it gives his wife a break. We went to a pond near town that is easy to walk into and not a long hike. We headed down to the dam end. I walked across the dam to hit the broad flat on the east side of the pond. Both of us made several casts in this area with nothing happening.

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    GREAT on you Rick!......taking Dan out. Mom suffers the same ailment, now in the latter stages. As one realizes the victim's progressively diminishing ability to have a future and past, and realize there is only a NOW for the victim, you are a saint for making Dan's NOW one of his best. GREAT on you Rick! ....lee s.

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